THE NON SCIENCE OF CARE, by Deanna Straub CMT After reading a post from “Huffington Post” titled The Mythology of […]

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Blog About Me and How I Practice I specialize in working with people in acute or chronic pain and restricted movement; from overuse, trauma, whiplash, work injuries, demands of sport, repetitive use or degenerative processes. I provide therapy for sports rehab and performance or the everyday person wanting to move freer in their body. I work with all ages and health care issues... --Read More--
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Deanna Straub, CMT


4983 Sonoma Highway, Suite O,
Santa Rosa, 95409,

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Testimonials Deanna Straub, CMT, in my professional and personal opinion, is one of the finest bodywork therapists in Northern California. As a Board-certified Pain Management physician, I have had many opportunities to observe her unique artistry and its salutary effects upon the patients I have referred. --Read More--